Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mini Update

Dear Friends,
So many things are happening. It is time for a mini update. Where do I start? My last post told you we had created an office in Japan and the Japanese distributors are anxiously awaiting for our first shipments. After discussions and planning, we have now confirmed Global Art Supply offices for Canada, Taiwan and France. This is exciting. This means we will be able to focus our attentions on the needs of artists of each country.

Often it is more than just language that creates differences in the artistic world of different countries. Interests, abilities, and concerns can be vastly different. By establishing offices in each country, we are better able to be the flexible and responsive company we desire to be.
With the assistance of our International artistic community, we will be able to tailor education, products and services to meet the needs of each community. And we will be able to bring into each country products in a timely fashion at the lowest prices possible.

We are working to ensure Heritage MultiMedia and other decorative art products are available to as many areas as possible.
We are well on our way. Thank you for your support.

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