Sunday, December 6, 2009

Heritage MulitMedia and more

Dear Friends,
It is here! Hurray! After some delays, the Heritage MultiMedia is here. We spent days getting all of our orders shipped. What a great feeling it was to see the last packages get on their way! Our postman was glad as well. He picked up lots of packages.

David and Mark came to the house to pick up their order. They left behind business cards, HMM Hats and an HMM mouse pad. David even had a sign for the side of his van. They have great photos posted at their blog site. See my gifts:

Blake and Georgia Dawbon came down to pick up their order. They brought their kids for a fun trip to Pennsylvania. Yup, at that age, helping Mom and Dad shrink wrap, laminate and load the car is still fun. hmmm Perhaps it was the 25 foot bamboo fishing rod Hale cut from our yard that made the weekend worth while.

Ah! Those were the days. Our kids no longer run to the family room for this type of fun family activity. We now have to use food, money and movies.

Georgia took lots of pictures of her family. David Vernon has pictures up as well. Here is the blog link:

The HMM sets are in use. The HMM set is designed to get you started, answer questions and help you make your favorite mixes. We have gotten lots of good emails from you all about the paint, dvd and mixing card. Thank you.

Many of you have written about painting with them. There are several artists publishing with the HMM. DVDs, packets and magazine articles are available. There are more coming out. Please check the websites of all of our Heritage Designers and Friends ( Hazel is releasing her dvd, Georgia has postings on You Tube, Paul and Cathy are always working on articles and more. And David has just announced two more DVD sets using HMM. He tells me photos of the pieces will be posted soon:

With David's specification, we have added brushes to our acrylic brush line. The bristles are great for the Direct Painting techniques. The base coating brush is due to come in this week. It is beautiful! Wait until you try it! You will be thrilled and amazed. You can see them all at:

The sites have been updated. You can order individual colors and the HMM set. Replace colors as you need them or get the set. The new brushes are listed as well. And we just got word: The mediums and the rest of the color line will be here in about 60 days!

Remember the Heritage MulitMedia is compatible with JansenArt paint line. You can keep painting nonstop! We will keep you up to date about the rest of the line.


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